Ann Coulter: Hillary over McCain

In an interview on Glenn Beck’s show on Headline News, Ann Coulter stated that she’d rather have Hillary Clinton in the White House than John McCain.

I’m not sure I totally agree – just hearing Hillary’s voice gives me a headache, so just listening to the State of the Union every year would become a major undertaking.

Coulter definitely has a point, though: of the three candidates, Hillary looks to be the most conservative. It’s a close call (and a bit frightening to any conservative who may be wondering what the U.S. will look like in 2012), but there it is.

John McCain has tried pandering to the conservative base of the Republican party, but in doing so, he seems to have forgotten that conservatives aren’t fools – real conservatives aren’t mind-numbed Republican robots – we remember McCain-Fiengold. We remember McCain-Kennedy. We remember the “Gang of Fourteen.” And we know that’s not who we want in the White House.

One other important point that Coulter brings up in her column: one of the things that has endeared McCain to Republicans is the fact that he’s a Vietnam Vet. So is Duncan Hunter, and he would’ve made a much, much better choice for president.

Personally, I can’t say that I’d rather have Hillary than McCain – any of the big three (Clinton, McCain & Obama) would be horrible choices for America, and I wouldn’t vote for any of them.

At this point, given the choice of Clinton vs. McCain or Obama vs. McCain, I think I’ll probably write in Ann Coulter.


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