The Democrat Party…Why They Aren’t Democratic

It really is amusing watching the Democrats tear at each other during this primary process. To start with, it’s really interesting watching the so-called “Democratic” party tear apart the process of effective democracy. First the party isn’t taking delegates from Florida and Michigan, the all of a sudden they’re talking about re-doing the Florida and Michigan primaries. Now it looks like the Florida repeat isn’t going to happen, while the repeat primary in Michigan still might.

Obama has taken a strong lead…a fact that I’m not particularly fond of. While I’m not planning to vote for John McCain, I’d rather see Hilary Clinton in the White House than Barack ObamaObama is seen as “tabula raza,” but he’s actually more liberal than Hilary.

And now there are questions concerning Obama’s pastor – an anti-American race-baiting hater. Rev. Jeremiah Wright is pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago – the church that Obama has been a member of for around 20 years – basically seems to be an expert at spouting anti-American leftist tripe, which definitely makes me more worried than ever about the possibility of his becoming president…because for Obama to stay with that church for 20 years, he has to agree with his pastors’ teachings, and the last thing America needs is a president who hates his own nation.

And now, apparently, Obama and Clinton have agreed to play nice – their campaigns basically devolved into personal attacks, which is really all they have to work with, considering that they’re not that far apart ideologically.


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