Another Reason Politics Doesn’t Make Sense

Politicians have been pointing at higher gas prices for several years now, placing the blame with the Bush administration and the war in Iraq, and pointing to rising gas prices as yet another reason that America needs “change.”

Well, Michigan Congressman John Dingell (D) wants to do something about it – he wants to raise the price of gas even further. During a time when consumers are already feeling the pain of higher gas prices, Rep. Dingell has proposed a 50-cent per-gallon hike in gas taxes…in order to discourage consumers from buying gas in an effort to prevent global warming.

The problem: for millions of Americans, gasoline is a necessity, not an option. Raising gas taxes will do little more than hurt average Americans who need to buy gas for their vehicles in order to get to work every day. Hiking up the gas tax may sound like a good idea for a Congressman who spends most of his time in Washington, where the public transportation infrastructure has had to grow in order to meet the needs of millions of people, but that just doesn’t work across most of the rest of the nation. I can think of no better way to hurt the US economy and the average American than to raise gas taxes…which makes it the perfect kind of policy for a Democrat to propose.


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