Could a New President Tear the Democrats Apart?

The Democrat primary truly is turning into an entertaining race. Hilary Clinton and B. Hussein Obama have been in a virtual dead heat for the past several months, with Obama holding a slight lead and Clinton not far behind in the primary race. Throw in Florida and Michigan (which unfortunately don’t count), and they’re pretty much neck-and-neck.

So, it looks like the outcome of the Democrat primary will be determined by the superdelegates, which could very well wreak havoc throughout the party…think Florida in 2000, only on a smaller scale: in that election, the Democrats basically blamed the Supreme Court of appointing George W. Bush president (in actuality, they voted to uphold standing Florida state law, which the Florida Supreme Court violated). Instead of the people of the Democrat party choosing their presidential candidate, the candidate will be chosen by the superdelegates, essentially meaning that half of the party’s population would be overruled through the hijacking of the election process. According to Chris Dodd, as well as the Boston Globe, this primary election fight could potentially shake the party to its foundations.

What’s more, apparently there is some infighting between Clinton’s camp and Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi has been urging the superdelegates to follow the voters when they vote to choose a candidate…which would essentially make the superdelegates redundant. Of course, the irony of the party that calls itself “Democratic” subverting the democratic process through the use of superdelegates even further shows the hypocrisy of the Left.


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