Happy Tax Day!

It’s tax day…the day that commemorates the government’s bad spending habits and exploitation of the people for their own ends.

This year, millions of Americans are getting money back due to the so-called “economic stimulus package,” a lame bi-partisan attempt by our federal lawmakers to bribe the American public and help the economy.

The notable thing about the economic stimulus package is that the Democrats have as much as admitted that money in the hands of the people really does stimulate the economy…a concept that they never can seem to understand any other time they talk about taxes. Of course, for the Democrats, the economic stimulus package was an opportunity to use the IRS as yet another welfare system, offering “tax rebates” to people who don’t make enough money to have to pay income taxes.

But if money in the hands of average Americans stimulates the economy, and the Democrats have admitted it with this tax rebate, why haven’t the Republicans pointed out the fact that maybe the Bush tax cuts really have been a good idea, and electing Clinton or Obama, who will do nothing but raise taxes and spending, would be a disaster for the US economy?

If a tax rebate will help to stimulate the economy, then lower taxes across the board, accompanied by lower government spending, will help to stabilize our economy and guarantee that the US can retain its superpower status over the long-term. The only thing the Democrats’ socialist policies will get us is a quick trip into the dustbin of history…but for some reason, none of our politicians will admit as much, because they’re too busy trying to bribe the public.


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