Gustav Makes Landfall

I know I haven’t posted anything here for quite a while, but with Hurricane Gustav making landfall today, last week’s Democrat Party convention and the upcoming GOP convention, I feel obliged to say something, even if no one will read it.

As Hurricane Gustav approached the Gulf Coast, several Democrats made complete fools of themselves as they talked about what a blessing it was for their party to have a hurricane blasting that area so close to both the GOP convention and the anniversary of when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.

This more than anything else shows the lengths to which Democrats are willing to go in order to gain power: they will even wish for a hurricane to destroy people’s lives and homes just to gain political points over a catastrophe that was originally the fault of two Democrats.

Let’s be perfectly clear: the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina was not George Bush’s fault. The Democrats love to bash Bush over the response to that disaster, but the truth is that if the preparations had been made properly by the Democrat governor of Louisiana and the Democrat mayor of New Orleans, they would have needed FEMA to come in and help clean up, not come in and rescue hundreds of people trapped in a flood zone.

New Orleans basically exists as two things: a city and a flood zone. Much of the city is below sea level, and a system of levies keeps the water out. Apply too much pressure (such as with a cat. 5 hurricane), and there’s going to be trouble. This fact has been well known for years.

The failure in New Orleans was that the governor and mayor did too little to plan ahead for the disaster and get the people out. Add to that the fact that this liberal bastion was full of poor people who couldn’t afford to get out of town and an incompetent mayor who decided to pile everyone into the football stadium instead of using any and all resources at his disposal to get them out of there, and the recipe was set for disaster. The blaming of the Bush administration and the branding of the Katrina incident as a Republican failure was nothing more than political blame-shifting, as the Dems successfully pushed the focus of the disaster away from the preparatory failures of Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco and toward the horrible response from the federal government and FEMA. The truth is, if Nagin and Blanco had Louisiana and New Orleans properly prepared for the disaster that everyone knew was coming, the devastation would have been far less than it was.

If anything, Hurricane Katrina showed the inherrent failures in liberal thinking: if you’re waiting around for the government to be your savior and protector, get ready for disappointment and disaster. There were plenty of people in the Gulf Coast area who got out on their own, successfully, and returned after the hurricane to rebuild.

The current situation also shows just how little Democrats really care about America and the American people. They want us to fail in Iraq so they can act self-righteous and justified in their opposition to the war, to the point that they even say we’re failing when we are, in fact, succeeding. They want natural disasters to devastate people’s lives so they can score political points by blaming it on Republicans, global warming, and the Bush administration, just so they can gain more power.

The Democrats aren’t about doing what’s best for America – the Democrats are about doing or saying whatever they think is best for the Democrats. The Democrat party is all about bribing the American people with government hand-outs and making the people dependant on the government so they will have no choice but to vote Democrat because self-reliance is dead.


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