Pelosi Proves It

Many conservatives have long known that whenever the Democrats called for bipartisanship when Republicans held the Congressional majority, they were lying. Now we have proof.

The Democrats have put forth their ultimate masterpiece in pork-barrel spending under the guise of an “economic stimulus” bill (at least it’s not all attached to a military appropriations bill for a change). Now Pelosi is complaining that Congressional Republicans are holding up the process, saying that the process needs to be moved forward regardless of the level of bipartisan support. From the article:

“Washington seems consumed in the process argument of bipartisanship, when the rest of the country says they need this bill,” the California Democrat said, seeming to sweep aside the Obama administration initial desire to have broad GOP support for the plan.

Now, when the Republicans held the White House and the majority in Congress, the Democrats wouldn’t stop whining and crying about the need for bipartisanship, even despite the fact that the Bush administration was anything but conservative when it came to spending money and they had plenty of support from Congressional RINOs (Republicans in Name Only)…but now the Democrats are showing the nation their true colors: when they’re down, we have to work together, but when they have the majority, it’s “to hell with the rest of you.” This was further evidenced by Obama’s mocking of Republicans’ concerns that this ‘stimulus’ amounts to nothing more than a massive spending bill, saying, “What do you think a stimulus is? That’s the whole point. No, seriously, that’s the point,” to a laughing audience. If Obama knew anything about elementary economics, he would know that government spending doesn’t really stimulate the economy over the long term: tax cuts do. But this is what we get for electing an inexperienced liberal buffoon to be President.

Personally, I’m split when it comes to this spending bill. Part of me wants to see it pass and fail, to show the American people once and for all that liberalism is a self-destructive philosophy that cannot lead a nation into a prosperous future. At the same time, I love my country, and with the understanding that the Democrats’ spending bill will hurt America, I would like to see it fail miserably and never be implemented. However, it may just be time for America to learn the lesson the hard way…and if the Democrats get their way, it will be a hard lesson, indeed.


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