Obamacare is One Step Closer

In the interests of transparency and openness, the Senate decided to take an idea from Nancy Pelosi and hold their cloture vote for the health care power-grab as late on Saturday night as they possibly could.

According to Harry Reid, Republican opposition to cloture constitutes opposition to debate.  This notion is, to put it simply, idiotic.  America has already debated government health care.  We debated it throughout the summer, when Senators and Congressmen went to their districts and held town halls.  We debated it when people from across America journeyed to Washington to voice their opposition.  We debated it in poll after poll, showing that an overwhelming majority of Americans don’t want the government to run our health care.

This vote for cloture isn’t about debate.  It’s about power.  It’s about manipulation.  It’s about the elitist politicians in Washington taking away the freedoms that our fathers and grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought and died to protect.

This isn’t about what the people want, it’s about what the politicians want for the people…and no matter what they say, all they want for us is to have power over us and to control us in the interests of maintaining their power and ability to control.

The bottom line is this: a vote against cloture was a vote for the people of America.  It is essential to the continuation of our freedoms that this health care bill be opposed at every turn.  Once Obamacare is instituted, it will be permanent.  As nice as the thought is that conservatives could take back control of the government in 2010 and/or 2012, even conservative majorities in the House and Senate, combined with conservative control of the White House cannot guarantee the repeal of any government program.  Politicians are, by nature, stubborn, and once they gain power over some aspect of our lives, forcing them to give the power up is next to impossible.


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