Iran Pushing for War?

The regime in Iran seems to think they can get away with whatever they want…and the sad thing is, they probably can.  They’ve been developing nuclear weapons for quite a while now, despite sternly worded warnings from the UN, and even trade sanctions haven’t stopped them from trading with nations such as Russia and North Korea, who don’t give a damn what the UN thinks, either.

Iran is like a three-year-old.  Give an inch, and they’ll take a mile.  Let them get away with one thing, and they’ll see how far they can go, testing the limits just enough so that the “global community” won’t annihilate them, but also so they will have increased room to maneuver and plot and scheme.

Now, Iran is in the news for more than just nuclear weapons.  A group calling themselves the “Iranian Cyber Army” hacked into Twitter, shutting the site down for several hours.  The message they posted: “This site has been hacked by Iranian Cyber Army. U.S.A think they controlling and managing internet by their access, but they don’t, we control and manage internet by our power…”  The message also included the statement “Hezbollah is victorious.”

Was this hack perpetrated by the Iranian government?  Who knows…it’s more likely that this is an Iranian/Islamic terrorism-sympathetic cyber-terrorist group, but it’s really impossible to tell at this early juncture.  Nations have increasingly been getting into cyber-warfare, which makes me wonder whether the Iranian government would try to show some muscle by temporarily bringing down one of the “Great Satan’s” biggest websites.

The other incident that has put Iran back into the headlines is much, much more serious.  Iranian forces have taken over an Iraqi oil well in what is no less than an act of war.  It’s not being treated that way by those in power, of course, because there is so much pressure from the worldwide progressive movement to avoid war no matter what that we may as well just let the Muslim extremists and communist dictators take over the world now & save us the trouble of a long, drawn out ordeal.  After all, Saddam Hussein did everything he could to provoke the UN, and all he got were sanctions (rendered meaningless by backdoor dealings with France & Russia), empty resolutions, and sternly-worded warnings.  It took the “cowboy” George W. Bush to finally do something about Hussein, and even then the UN still protested!

It’s no wonder nations like Iran and North Korea act like the US and the UN are nothing but paper tigers.  With George W. Bush in power, at least there was the threat of force to keep evil regimes at bay, but now that anti-war progressives are basically running the entire Western world, it’s abundantly clear that they will be able to run roughshod over all of the resolutions and warnings with little or no consequences.


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