Health Care is Here

On Christmas Eve, the Senate held their final vote for their version of the health care takeover.  The vote came out 60-39, with the bill passing strictly along partisan lines.

The truth is, pretty much every vote on health care has been on partisan lines, because this is a partisan bill written for a partisan Congress on a partisan issue.

The Democrats have been complaining lately that the Republicans have done nothing but obstruct their health care legislation, as if that were a bad thing.  Truth is, the Left has been trying to ram socialized health care down the throats of the American people for decades, but until now they’ve been stopped at every turn because too many people knew that “free” health care was a lie, a way for politicians to take more and more power away from the people, all the while setting the stage for socialism in America.

And the truth behind the Republicans’ so-called obstructionism is that it isn’t the real reason it took so long for the health care bill to pass.  The entire issue of health care reform has been crafted in such a way that any Republican worth his salt would be insane to cast a vote for the bill at any step of the process.  The people who have truly been holding up the process are the Democrats who disagreed with the bill for one reason or another – and the party leadership & the White House quite clearly showed their willingness to twist any arm and offer any bribe to push through their health care socialization.  They bribed Ben Nelson by offering to pay his state’s Medicare costs – around $45 million.  Mary Landrieu was given $300 million for her state.  Christopher Dodd was able to write $100 million into the bill for his state.  The entire bill is full of nothing but socialism, waste and bribery.

The Republicans should be applauded for fighting tooth and nail to stop this bill.  Any of the so-called “moderate” Democrats who voted for the bill should be run out of Washington on a rail, and count themselves fortunate that they got off that light.  Any Senator who held out until funds were secured for their state should be put up on charges for accepting bribes, and the Senate leadership should be brought up on charges for bribing them…and then, any Senator who voted for the bill should be thrown out for violating their oath of office, in which they swore to support the Constitution of the United States.


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