They’re All Liars

It is now officially on the record: when the Democrats took power, they did so based on lies.  When Nancy Pelosi became the Speaker of the House, she promised that hers would be the most open, transparent Congress in history.  When President Obama was campaigning, he promised that the process to push through health care reform would be carried live on C-SPAN. 

As it turns out, they were both lying.

The head of C-SPAN sent an open letter to congressional leaders yesterday urging them to open up the health care negotiations and let the C-SPAN cameras televise the proceedings.  Obama promised as much during his campaign…but when Nancy Pelosi was asked about the letter, she lied, saying “There has never been a more open process for any legislation.”  Her evidence: the town hall meetings that took place in August…the very town hall meetings where thousands upon thousands of Americans showed up to voice opposition to the health care take-over.  In fact, Pelosi was a driving force behind the liberals trying to minimize the people’s voice at the town hall meetings, calling those in opposition frightening and implying that they were some kind of neo-Nazis.  And that was right before they called Congress back into session and put an end to the town halls because the liberals were getting too much bad press.

Pelosi knows that no matter what she or President Obama may have promised, the Democrat Party cannot afford to open up the health care negotiations.  The only way the health care bill passed in the Senate was through Democrat bribes (Ben Nelson) and hijacking the legislative process to shut down debate.  If they were truly being open and honest, the response from the people would be so deafening and undeniable that no Congressman who wished to stay in office would vote for the bill.  Pelosi knows that.  Harry Reid knows that.  Obama knows that.  And all of them are willing to push the bill in through the shadows and under the radar because all they truly care about is getting as much of their progressive agenda pushed through before the midterm elections.


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