There’s Nothing To See Here…

C-SPAN-gate continues…

The CEO of C-SPAN has now stated that the White House has only allowed a single hour of coverage for their portion of the health care takeover…and that was an event in the East Room that didn’t contain a whole lot of substance.

The problem is that even if the White House and congressional leadership agreed to one hour per day of C-SPAN coverage, taxpayers could only rest assured that the Obama administration and congressional leadership weren’t selling out our freedoms and bribing congressmen for votes…for that one hour.  Seeing as how Obama and congressional leaders have decided to bypass the traditional committee hearings to reconcile the House and Senate bills in favor of private closed-door meetings, it is abundantly clear that the American people have much to fear from the Obama administration and the Democratic congressional leadership.

As I stated yesterday, the Democrats know beyond the shadow of a doubt that if they were to truly  make this process transparent, it would destroy their party.  If the American people were able to see what they were doing, no American capable of thought would vote for a Democrat ever again.

Hopefully enough people will wake up and smell the BS that the Democrats are flinging that we can throw the bums out in November.


Categories: C-SPAN, health care, Liars

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