The Most Un-Stimulating Stimulus Ever

Where are the jobs?  When President Obama pushed through his massive pork bill disguised as an economic stimulus package, his administration projected that the stimulus would hold unemployment below 9%.

Well, the unemployment rate is still 10%.  It was reported as great news when a 0.2% drop was registered in November…but now that the December jobless numbers are out, the rate has not changed.

This is very significant, due to the fact that usually, people who have a hard time finding jobs the rest of the year can at least find temporary seasonal employment during the month of December.  But Obama’s stimulus package hasn’t stimulated anything other than US government debt.

When will Obama declare his stimulus plan a failure?  Where is the exit strategy?  We’ve already seen the scam behind the Obama administration’s “jobs saved and created” claims, with saved and created jobs being attributed money spent in nonexistent Congressional districts.  Now it’s coming out that stimulus money is being sent to zip codes that don’t exist!  The whole thing sounds like some kind of bizarre government-run money laundering scam…and the sad thing is, that’s probably exactly what it is.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is not going to help the US economy recover.  If it were, it would have by now.  The jobs that it has created are temporary (all of those “shovel-ready” projects won’t keep people employed over the long term).  The whole thing is a sham – an attempt by the Democrats to make themselves look good.  In fact, they haven’t even spent all of the money yet.  They’re holding a bunch of the money in reserve, so they can start spending closer to the mid-term elections in an attempt to make themselves look good.


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