Glover: Haiti is Retribution for Copenhagen

According to Danny Glover, the earthquake in Haiti is a direct result of world governments not taking enough action to stop global warming in Copenhagen.

In other words, Danny Glover is just as crazy as Pat Robertson…but because he’s talking about global warming, he undoubtedly won’t get the kind of bad press that Robertson has gotten over the past few days.

This makes me curious as to what the “carbon footprint” of Haiti is.  Haiti is a poor third-world nation – that’s the biggest reason the devastation there is as bad as it is.  And as a poor third-world nation, they undoubtedly produce less pollution than more developed nations…so if Mother Earth was pissed off at the world because we didn’t do enough at the laughable Copenhagen “global warming in a snowstorm” summit, why respond with an earthquake in Haiti?  Why not in a bigger polluter such as the US or China or some other developed nation?

The truth is, Glover is a kook…he was good in Lethal Weapon, but when it comes to his political views, he’s a typical Hollywood leftist communist-sympathizing wacko.


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