Is Health Care Dead?

We can only hope that the election of Scott Brown to the US Senate will be the end to the Democrats’ plans to take over the health care system.  Nancy Pelosi is now saying that she does not have enough votes in the House to get approval for the Senate’s version of the bill.

This is definitely a good thing.  Brown’s election effectively breaks the Dem’s super-majority in the Senate, and if Pelosi can’t get the votes she needs in the House, the progressive socialists in Congress will either have to compromise, or just give up altogether (preferably the latter).

Conservatives should remain vigilant, though: the fight is not over yet.  Scott Brown’s election wasn’t a victory for conservatives, it was a defeat for the progressives.  We still have a long way to go – Barney Frank has already brought up the possibility of doing away with the Filibuster (a measure he would undoubtedly want to bring back as soon as his party was out of the majority), and the Dems have shown quite a willingness to change Congressional rules as they see fit.

On top of that, this election has greater ramifications.  The Democrats have lost “Ted Kennedy’s Seat.”  This is going to cause some major strategy shifts, possibly even to the point that they will shelve health care reform and other parts of the liberal agenda until after the midterm elections.  That way, if they are able to ride out the midterms and maintain (or increase) their majority, they can begin anew with their manufactured crises and push toward the U.S.S.A.

After all, there is still a lot of stimulus money out there that hasn’t been spent yet.  They’re all set to bribe as many Americans as they can as the midterm elections approach.  Conservatives can breathe a small sigh of relief, but don’t get complacent.  There’s a hard fight ahead.


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