Where is the outrage?

The main headline on the front page of Drudge this morning:  SEARCH SPY: GOOGLE TEAMS WITH NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY. 

Why isn’t this everywhere in the media?

When the Bush administration passed the Patriot Act, there was outrage at the possibility that civil liberties may be curtailed.  Personally, I thought that some provisions of the Patriot Act were necessary, while others may have gone too far – but the Patriot Act had a sunset clause, which made it much more palatable: if Congress didn’t vote to renew the Act, then it would die.

But Google already engenders widespread privacy concerns, as they are constantly collecting IP addresses and browser information and linking them to whatever search terms you put in when doing a Google search.  The volume of data they must collect on a daily basis is staggering.  The idea of Google being hacked is worrisome, but the idea of them teaming up with the NSA, which already collects who knows how much digital information on US citizens (and people across the globe) is a bit frightening.  Google says that the goal is to analyze a recent attack (presumably from China) in the interests of preventing future attacks, but any relationship is a two-way street.  

What is the NSA getting out of this deal?  We may never find out, but the time to start asking questions is now.



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