Is Obama Actually Doing Something Right?

Barack Obama actually seems to be following through on one of his statements from the State of the Union: he is announcing an $8.3 billion loan guarantee for the building of new nuclear power plants.

While this is good news, I’m still skeptical as to whether Obama will follow through: for starters, the US government does not have the money (not that that would stop them from borrowing it from China), though it is a loan program, which means that the energy companies will need to pay the money back…but the second thing that makes me skeptical is that Obama is such a stereotypical left-winger, it wouldn’t surprise me if he made this announcement and then bowed to the anti-nuclear lobby and didn’t follow through.  After all, as the article points out, there are no timelines for the loan guarantees, which would make it quite easy for Obama to make the announcement and then never follow through.

I’ll believe it when I see it, but if it does happen, this will be a step in the right direction.


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