The Right-Wing / Left-Wing Wacko

Yesterday, Andrew Joseph Stack flew a small plane into the IRS offices in Austin, TX.  This morning, I had the opportunity to read through his “manifesto,” the rantings he posted online before committing his act of terrorism.

And that’s what it was, terrorism.  US law enforcement agencies love to treat the people like sheep, telling us that a spade is not a spade, and that terrorism is not terrorism.

It’s possible that Joe Stack’s blindingly apparent act of terrorism doesn’t fit the FBI’s politically correct definition of terrorism, but he spelled out his intentions quite clearly in his suicide note: he wanted to terrorize America into changing the tax code.

Unfortunately, the punditry & the blogosphere are now running with the incident, the left trying to blame the right, and vice versa.

Truth be told, this guy made some points that could be considered right-wing, and some points that could be considered left-wing…but no matter what side he was coming from, he was an all-around nut.

He did make some good points about how confusing the US progressive income tax system is, but that’s no excuse to commit terrorism.

So no matter what side of the political aisle you’re on, I think we can all agree that this guy was crazy…so let’s stop trying to blame this on one side or the other, and just stick with what we know: he was a nut.


Categories: IRS plane crash, terrorism

2 replies

  1. Too true – just like the media didn't want to mention the religion of the Fort Hood shooter, and then after it came out that he is Muslim, the motive had to be that he was picked on because of his religion.

  2. I like (you know, in a sarcastic way) how the media is trying to link this wacko with the Tea Party groups, but they don't say a word about the political affiliation of Dr. Amy Bishop (the wacko from Huntsville AL who was allegedly obssesed w/ Obama)

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