Obamacare, Whether You Like It Or Not!

The Democrats are showing their true colors this week, as debate heats up over the so-called “bipartisan” health care summit.

First, President Obama has published his “health care plan” on the White House website…though when I was poking around the site, I couldn’t help but notice that there are a lot of summaries and overviews.  If there is a way to view the actual legislative language of the president’s proposal, I could not find it.  The site is primarily full of the same rhetoric we’ve been getting from Obama since before he was elected, so the site basically just amounts to a dressed-up Obama speech.

This, of course, is leading up to the summit that is scheduled for next week, and supposedly in response to rising health insurance rates…which begs the question: Why are health insurance rates going up so drastically all of a sudden?  Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that two branches of the federal government are actively working to put the medical insurance industry out of business and everything to do with evil corporations exploiting the workers for their own gain

House Republican leader John Boehner has issued a press release stating that Obama’s health care bill is pretty much the same crap we’ve seen coming out of Congress thus far – and he’s right.  The president isn’t offering anything new; his proposals are the same old liberal tripe that came out of the House and Senate (including taxpayer funding for abortions).

This also proves that the upcoming health care summit is a sham.  Obama is claiming to have incorporated Republicans’ ideas in his plan, and while this is true, it hardly makes Obama’s plan bipartisan – and his claim that it is bipartisan only makes it blindingly obvious that he doesn’t understand why Republicans and conservatives oppose both the House and Senate bills…which begs the question: is Barack Obama really that stupid?

Of course, there are more reasons why the summit is a sham: The Democrats have basically said that the Republicans can show up (which will gain them nothing), or they will pass a reconciliation version of the existing bills without them.  Using the reconciliation rules, the Democrats can pretty much jumble together whichever pieces of either bill that they want, and push it through despite Republican opposition.

So it all comes down to this: either Republicans can come to the summit and accomplish nothing (other than generating free publicity for the Democrats), or they can continue to fight.  Either way, we will get a health care bill that will increase taxes on all US taxpayers, turn the US health insurance industry into even more of a shambles, and screw over each and every hard-working, tax paying American.



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