The Slippery Slope Is Here

It’s official now: Obamacare is here.  Well, not here necessarily.  We get the taxes right now.  The actual Obamacare won’t kick in until about 2013 or so – probably so Obama can get away with saying he was telling the truth when he said we could keep our insurance plans and our doctors during his next presidential campaign.

As Joe Biden so eloquently put it, this is a big f***ing deal.

And it is.  Never before has the federal government of the United States been so well positioned to control the lives of the American people.

The big question is, what’s next?  The movement to overturn Obamacare is already in full swing, with several different states filing suit claiming that the bill violates their sovereignty – which, under the 10th Amendment, it clearly does.  But those appeals will take months, if not years to run their course.  The only short-term good that could come from those cases is the possibility of an injunction barring the bill’s implementation until the suits are resolved.

In the meantime, the Democrats are declaring victory and moving on, already preparing to push through the rest of the wish-list of progressive reforms they’ve been dreaming of but haven’t had the votes to get through Congress.

Some of the most nefarious of these measures: National ID cards, which would increase the federal government’s ability to track us and regulate our activities (mark of the beast, anyone?).  “Comprehensive immigration reform,” which, if supported by the American people, would have been passed during the Bush administration…but just like health care, the Democrats will not let this issue die.  Automatic voter registration would do just what it says: automatically register every US citizen.  Combine that with immigration reform, and the Democrats will have a massive new voter base…and if they can push it through before the midterm elections, they’re almost guaranteed to maintain their power base indefinitely.

Now we see the real reason why it was so important that the Democrats push through health care reform as quickly as possible: for one thing, at the least they needed a platform on which they could build a national health care system (which several Democrat Congressmen have admitted the health care bill was).  For another, they need to push through as much of their agenda as they can, so they can cement their power, turning Congressional Democrats into the new Politburo of the United Socialist States of America.

Taken one piece at a time, the Democrats’ agenda doesn’t look all that sinister, but when you look at the big picture, it’s easy to see that they don’t have America’s best interests in mind.  It’s all about power and control, and it’s coming our way as fast as the Democrats can ram it through.


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