Lies, More Lies, and Villians

Well, they’ve done it.  The Democrats have lied, cheated, twisted arms, and bribed their way into passing their health care bill.

They accomplished this primarily through class warfare.  When they weren’t demonizing the evil insurance industry, they were demonizing the so-called rich who could afford health care, as well as demonizing those companies that paid top-dollar  to provide their employees with top-of-the-line health insurance (the so-called “Cadillac” insurance plans, which are now being taxed – unless you’re in a labor union).

Immediately after the bill was passed, the Democrats, with the aid of the mainstream media, began escalating the demonization of their political opponents.

Congressional Democrats have made accusations of racism, violence, and threats of violence, all with no proof.

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) stated that Tea-Partiers had shouted the N-word 15 times at the Congressional Black Caucus as they headed over to the Capitol for the vote.  There were reporters and cameras all over the place, yet there is no video or audio to confirm this allegation.

Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH) alleged that a protester threw a brick through the window of his office in Cincinnati.  The press breathlessly repeated the story, neglecting to mention the fact that his office is on the 30th floor of an office building.  So, the person either had an extremely good arm, or went up 30 floors just to throw a brick through a window.  Oddly enough, after the location of Driehaus’ office was reported, the brick story mysteriously went away.

But the real issue is this: if some on the Right are moving closer to violence, it’s probably because those on the Left are leaving them no other options.  When conservatives protest, they’re labeled as being too white, or “astroturf.”  When conservatives call liberal members of Congress, they are routinely insulted, told they are wrong, or the phones are just shut off so no one can get through.  Poll after poll showed that around 70% of Americans disapproved of the health care bill, yet it has been passed and signed into law, despite protests, phone calls, petitions, letters, emails and town hall meetings. 

Polling and elections have shown that the nation is pretty evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, but as the Democrats move the nation closer to being a socialist state, liberals are starting to see just what they’ve been a part of, and are moving more towards conservatism.  Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress just gave more than half of the nation the middle finger.  What did they expect would happen?  That we would just go away & let them steamroll over our freedoms and values?  I don’t think so.

Any real violence or threats of violence so far have come from wackos on the right – and there are, without a doubt, wackos on both sides of the aisle & within any political group.  But as the Democrats continue their transformation of our nation, subverting the rights of citizens and trying to set themselves up as the permanent ruling class, it would not surprise me if things begin to escalate.

The Democrats are playing with fire.  They are subverting our freedoms and telling the American people that their opinion does not matter.  Meanwhile, with their push for “comprehensive immigration reform” and automatic voter registration, they are seeking to subvert our election process and establish a permanent power base for their party.

This is the stuff revolution is made of.  There has already been talk of secession, and the possibility of civil war is starting to crop up.  My fear is that the Democrats don’t know what a dangerous game they are playing, and won’t see the error of their ways until it is too late.


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