If you live on an island, watch out!!!

This video is all over the internet today, mainly because the idea of someone this stupid being elected to Congress is just so outrageous!


This is Congressman Hank Johnson, a Democrat from Georgia.

Now, I’ve heard various excuses for why Congressman Johnson made these horrifically stupid remarks, among them:

  • He has Hepatitis C and is heavily medicated.
  • He was joking.
  • He is being taken out of context.

Now, if he has Hep C and is so heavily medicated, what is he doing at this hearing?  If his judgment is this impaired, he should probably be taking some time off.

Also, was he this high on Hep C meds when he voted for Obamacare?  If so, shouldn’t his vote not be counted since his judgment is obviously impaired?

If he was joking, why is there no laughter?  You can see some people in the audience laughing, and the Admiral is quite obviously struggling to not bust up, but the Congressman doesn’t even crack a smile.  He wasn’t joking.

The clip is almost 3 minutes long, most of which is filled with the Congressman’s nonsensical ramblings leading up to his insane “tip over and capsize” remark.  After that remark, he keeps going!  There is plenty of context.

It’s only a matter of time before the race card is played in defense of Congressman Johnson (if it hasn’t been played already).  This is not racism – it would be just outrageous had Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, or even my own Congressman, Kevin McCarthy said it.

And this is not the first time that Johnson has made himself appear insane.  After Congressman Joe Wilson shouted “You lie” at President Obama during Obama’s speech to Congress several months ago, Johnson claimed that Wilson’s remark would lead to the return of the Ku Klux Klan.


It’s pretty obvious that Hank Johnson does not possess the mental capacity to effectively execute his responsibilities as Congressman.  The question is, will anything be done about it?

After all, the current Democrat leadership is full of criminals, tax cheats, and liars.  Getting one insane man out of Congress really won’t do all that much…but, as they say, every little bit helps.


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