Read Obama’s Lips: No New Taxes

On April 15, tax day, thousands of Americans took to the streets to protest wasteful government spending and high taxes.

President Obama’s response to the event was to say that he’s cut taxes“You would think they’d be saying thank you”

Why should we?  Yes, Obama has cut some taxes, but he’s raised others.  And if Obama truly was a tax-cutter, then maybe the press would actually call him on all of his Bush-blaming.

Then, mere days after his snide remark, the news comes out the president is considering a Value Added Tax.  Now, there are few ways that Obama could damage our economy more than through a VAT, which would raise prices for consumer products across the board. 

Obama’s spending has already been so bad that the Democrats have decided to wait until after the November elections to vote on the budget.  As idiotic as his policies are, the President isn’t stupid.  He knows that he’ll have to raise taxes in order to pay for all of the entitlements & bailouts that have embodied his agenda.

The question is, why does Barack Obama seem to assume that the people of America are all stupid?  We know what tax cuts are.  We know what fiscal conservatism is.  We know that Barack Obama isn’t moving our nation toward either one.

The Left has made a game out of minimizing and slandering the Tea Party movement, but they do so at their own risk.  The voters can see who is right and who is lying, and right now, the President and the Democrats are lying almost with their every breath.

This November’s elections should be very interesting, indeed.


Categories: Barack Obama, Liars

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