Thousands Of Protesters Show Their Ignorance

Today is May Day, that revered Pagan/Communist holiday that has now become the annual occasion where the illegal immigration lobby gets as many supporters together as they can, and proceeds to embarrass them all in the streets of cities throughout America.

Today, tens of thousands of protesters marched across America.  The entire protest, of course, is a huge lie.  These groups haven’t given an honest protest since their first, when they marched in the streets carrying Mexican flags and declaring that they were on a crusade to take back the Southwestern United States for Mexico.  When they realized the legal citizens of America got more than a little pissed off when they did that, they changed their tune.

Now, the protesters carry American flags – in fact, there are so many American flags at these protests that I suspect the organizers are still purposely handing out American flags to people so the crowd will look patriotic, cutting down on bad press.

Of course, the thing that makes this year’s May Day protests particularly voluminous is the recent passage of Arizona’s immigration bill.  The basic summary of the bill is this: The Arizona legislature decided that it had given the federal government long enough to get their act together and protect the state’s citizens by securing the southern border.  Since the federal government obviously wasn’t going to act, it was time for the state to take matters into their own hands.

Under this bill, if a law enforcement officer comes across someone during the course of his (or her) duties who he suspects is in the United States illegally, he can check that person’s immigration status.  If the person is in the US illegally, they are to be handed over to Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) or the Border Patrol.  Illegal immigrants currently serving out prison sentences are to be handed over to ICE or the Border Patrol as soon as they finish their sentence. 

Critics of the bill call it “racist,” “anti-immigrant,” and have drawn comparisons to Nazi Germany, with officers demanding “show me your papers.”  The truth, however, is that all of these arguments are false.  Mexicans aren’t the only ones coming across the Southern border illegally, and even if they were, it wouldn’t be racist to enforce our laws.  The bill also isn’t anti-immigrant.  People are still allowed and encouraged to immigrate legally.

The “show me your papers” argument is also a non-sequitur.  It is true that immigrants and US citizens may be forced to “show their papers,” should they commit a crime and the police suspect that they are in the country illegally, but the bill states that “their immigration status shall be verified with the federal government.”  We’re not talking about deporting someone just because he left his drivers license at home or didn’t have a copy of his birth certificate in his shirt pocket.

The truth is that Arizona has long had serious problems with criminals crossing their Southern border illegally, causing problems in their state.  Drug smugglers bring hundreds of pounds of marijuana across the border each month.  Human smugglers and coyotes bring people across, sometimes the hard-working people looking for a better life that the news media loves to tout, but oftentimes for more nefarious purposes.

These are the people Arizona’s immigration bill is aimed at, because these are the people causing problems for the state.  Recently, Phoenix was nicknamed “kidnapping capital of the US,” largely due to drug and gang-related kidnappings.

Recently, an Arizona rancher was murdered on his own land.  It is suspected that the perpetrator was an illegal alien drug smuggler or coyote.  The sad thing about that case is that the murdered rancher routinely helped illegal aliens who were in trouble and in need of medical attention.  In fact, he had radioed in to his ranch that he was on his way to help someone in trouble before he was found dead.

But instead of paying attention to the important issues facing the state of Arizona and looking at the true reasons this bill was signed into law, the protesters would rather dredge up the same old, tired lies. 

Of course, for many of the groups behind the protests, it isn’t about finding solutions for America’s immigration problems.  La Raza (translated as “The Race”) is a racist organization that wants to take back the Southwest for Mexico.  The Aztlan movement has the same goal.  Many of the groups, such as La Raza and MEChA also have ties to communist organizations – which is one of the reasons they have chosen to protest on May Day, aka “International Workers Day.”

When watching the news and listening to the debate, don’t believe everything you hear.  The news media has been strangely silent on the problems that have been plaguing Arizona (and also southern Texas), but the instant the protests started, they were there with cameras and correspondents.  Make sure you know the truth about the Arizona law, and let others know, as well, as the debate over this bill could very well shape the upcoming debate over federal immigration policy.


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