Why Sestak Matters

The press on the Sestak affair seems to have died down somewhat, but personally, I don’t think the importance of this scandal could be overstated: This is Obama’s Watergate.

Obama was elected on a platform of hope and change.  He promised to do away with the “failed policies of the past” and to fight to clean up corruption in Washington.  Instead, he has not only accelerated the failed policies of the Bush administration – out-of-control spending, but now it’s plain to see that he has also brought Chicago to Washington, adding even more corruption to a city filled with liars, thieves and swindlers.

The Democrats have been selling this same bill of goods for far too long.  When Nancy Pelosi was sworn in, she promised to “drain the swamp.”  She then proceeded to do absolutely nothing when thousands of dollars of bribe money was found in Congressman William Jefferson’s (D-LA) freezer.  In fact, it seems that the only scandals Pelosi has the slightest interest in investigating are those involving Republicans.

Now we have a president who rose to prominence in a city known for corruption and machine politics – it only figures that he would bring the same tricks that got him to where he is to the White House.  The irony is that with Congressman Sestak’s revelation that the Administration offered him a job in exchange for dropping out of his Senate race, more scandals have come to light.  Now it has come out that Obama’s administration was similarly trying to influence Andrew Romanoff’s Senate bid in Colorado.  There is even some unconfirmed speculation that President Obama may have been involved in the Blagojevich scandal, trying to facilitate a deal between Blagojevich and SEIU to get a union-friendly replacement into Obama’s vacant Senate seat.

All of President Obama’s lofty promises have turned out to be a lot of hot air.  The change he has brought has brought no hope to America.  He brings nothing new to the table – just a lot of lies, corruption, and more of the failed policies of the past.  Here in California, the primaries are coming up.  We can only hope the voters will usher in some real change – God knows our state, and our nation, could use it.


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