Sherrod To Sue Breitbart

Shirley Sherrod has announced that she plans to sue Andrew Breitbart for outing her as a racist.

The problem is, the entire controversy over Shirley Sherrod has been completely and entirely contrived by the media and the White House.

Andrew Breitbart’s original post made reference to the fact that Sherrod’s speech was about her realization that rich vs. poor was more important than black vs. white – and that context was even included in the edited video posted on Breitbart’s website Big Government.

In fact, Breitbart’s real target was the NAACP audience, who were laughing and agreeing with Sherrod as she described how she discriminated against a poor farmer because he was white.

In fact, Breitbart had been railing against the NAACP for a few days on Big Government due to the NAACP’s baseless accusations of racism in the Tea Party movement.

But none of the facts have stopped the Left from re-branding the incident as an indictment of Fox News and right-wing bloggers taking someone on the Left out of context – something the Left is very, very good at – just take a look at Media Matters for America, the true masters of taking things out of context…and the liberal media tend to pick up on Media Matters’ material all of the time and report their out-of-context videos as fact.

The truth of the Sherrod case is that the liberal media and the White House jumped all over the point they thought Breitbart was making by posting the Sherrod video, and in doing so, they missed the true point completely and overreacted before getting all of the facts.  Personally, I’m not convinced that Shirley Sherrod isn’t a racist – she made several comments in her speech and in the media frenzy that followed its posting that show quite clearly that she still views people primarily through the prism of black vs. white.  But the truth is that I and many other Americans would be perfectly willing to overlook her views due to the troubles in her past, as long as those views don’t influence her decisions in her position in the federal government – and in her speech, she was saying just that: her first reaction was to allow her racist views to influence her decisions as an employee of the Department of Agriculture, but then she realized that was wrong, and in the end she helped the poor white farmer.

The truth is that the White House and the Leftist media are shifting blame in this incident to Breitbart and Fox News because the Obama administration and the media took the entire situation out of context and it was they, not Breitbart or Fox News, who smeared Sherrod and fired her before examining all of the evidence.  In many ways, this case is reminiscent of the incident last year where President Obama publicly smeared the Cambridge Police, saying the “acted stupidly,” without first getting all of the facts about the case.

This is the Left’s version of a “post-racial” society: they get to determine who is racist and who isn’t.  Fox News and Andrew Breitbart are the racists, but President Obama and former President Clinton are allowed to rewrite history in order to praise liberal icon Robert Byrd at his funeral, saying he was only a member of the KKK in order to get elected in the South, when there is plenty of evidence to show that Byrd was an unapologetic racist.

The American Left cannot be trusted to run the United States, and they can not be trusted in issues of race.  They are all too willing to smear, lie, obfuscate, and label, all while claiming victim status and using the liberal media to spread their lies. 


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