Setting Up The American Monarchy

President Obama and various members of his administration have been out touting America’s supposed economic “recovery,” but recent evidence proves that their claims are nothing but more lies and propaganda from an administration built entirely on lies and deception.

The jobs gains President Obama was touting just a month ago are gone.  This was inevitable: most of the jobs gains were temp jobs to begin with – hiring done by the Census Bureau…plus the fraud of firing and hiring in cycles in order to artificially inflate those numbers so the President would have some kind of success to talk about.

The President loves to talk about how the nation is recovering, but that just isn’t the case.

The Obamas have spent a lot of time telling America all about how we’re in lean times, and it’s time for the people of America to conserve, to tighten their belts and buckle down for the rough times that are ahead.

In the meantime, the Obamas have been taking expensive vacations and throwing lavish parties, living the “do as I say, not as I do” lifestyle all too prevalent in today’s political culture.  Americans are wondering whether they’ll be able to keep their homes, and the Obamas are flying their dog up to Maine on a separate plain for their vacation.  A recent column in the New York Daily News comparing Michelle Obama to Marie Antoinette became immensely popular this week in light of her extremely extravagant vacation in Spain.  It wouldn’t be as much of an issue had the Obamas covered the entire expense of the trip, but a hefty chuck of the bill was paid by the US taxpayers – and in a day when wasteful government spending has reached epic levels and already overtaxed Americans are looking at tax hikes next year, this kind of extravagance is most definitely unwelcome.

It seems that Barack Obama, in his constant push toward socialism, is trying to set up a new ruling class in America.  As a socialist, Obama loves to demonize our current capitalist economic system, all the while pretending to be a friend to American workers and an advocate for small business.  Under the Obama administration, the corporate world has come under attack…but while the large corporations have been Obama’s primary target, but in his push for over-regulation and ever-increasing taxation, small businesses are feeling the pain as well, and the main victims are everyday working Americans who cannot find jobs because companies can’t afford to hire.

But the President’s main objective is to set himself and his party up as a permanent ruling class.  All of their efforts so far have primarily focused on grabbing up as much power as they possibly can as quickly as they possibly can, all the while ignoring the Constitution they swore to protect, plowing roughshod over the freedoms of the people.

The Obamas are living as the new American monarchy: the King and Queen, with the Democrats in Congress as their royal Court.  Instead of the “two Americas” the Democrats so love to preach about during their campaigns, pitting the rich vs. the poor, but instead of the rich vs. the poor, we are now looking at the government vs. the people.  It really is the same old setup that socialist and communist dictators have gone for each and every time they take power.  It’s the same setup they had in Soviet Russia, in China, in North Korea, in Vietnam…the pattern goes on and on.  The political class demonizes their opponents and either eliminates them, as they’re trying to do to Fox News and the right-wing media, or they absorb their opponents, as they did with General Motors and they are trying to do with the health care and banking industries.

Barack Obama may be the President of the United States, but he and his political allies have proven themselves to be dangerous to America’s way of life.  The US economy is under attack, but the Obama administration continues to get in front of the cameras singing “Happy Days are Here Again,” trying to convince us the economy is recovering, despite all of the evidence to the contrary.

President Obama and the Democrats in Congress cannot lie to us forever. We have an election coming up, and even if the Republican party isn’t able to win enough of a majority to roll back at least some of the damage the Democrats have done, at the least they may be able reign in the Left and prevent them from doing any more damage until Obama is voted out of office in 2012.


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