Debating The Religion Of A Functioning Atheist

With the release of a recent poll showing that 20 percent of Americans think that Barack Obama is a Muslim, the leftist media has gone apoplectic…and, of course, the media on the right has gone apoplectic as well, in response to the left.

Basically, the Left points out that the right is stupid for believing that President Obama is a Muslim, and the Right defends the 20 percent by pointing out President Obama’s Muslim heritage and all of the favoritism President Obama has shown to Islam during his tenure as president.

I say, who cares?

There is no reason to defend or rebuke anyone over this poll result, because it really doesn’t matter what religion President Obama says he identifies with, or what religion or religions he shows particular favor to in his policy decisions: President Obama is, for all intents and purposes, a functioning atheist.  His religion is anti-Americanism.  He is god unto himself.

As soon as he was elected, President Obama stopped attending church. He says that this is because he doesn’t want to tie up traffic, but I’m not buying it – he ties up traffic wherever he travels, and I have yet to hear him apologize for it.  What’s more, he doesn’t seem to have any issues with tying up traffic at the country club – he plays a round of golf almost every weekend.

President Obama professes to be a Christian, but his Christianity is not something he is proud of – the church he attended in Chicago was part of one of the most extreme sects of American Christianity I have ever heard of.  But it does make sense: the anti-American aspects of Black Liberation Theology seem to fit pretty well with President Obama’s overall opinion of America.  The only problem for the President is, to normal Americans, Black Liberation Theology comes across as extreme as the Westboro Baptists – you know, the “God hates fags” church.  The only difference is, because Black Liberation Theology fits more with the liberal worldview, it doesn’t generate as much press as Wesboro.

But it really doesn’t matter whether President Obama is a Muslim, a Christian, a Hindu, or a Buddhist, because according to his actions, he may as well be an atheist.  After all, Atheism is the best fit with modern liberalism, where the State basically functions as God.

So what does it matter if 1 in 5 Americans think President Obama is a Muslim?  He gives more deference to Islam than he does to Christianity, but as far as his public policy & lifestyle since taking office go, it’s quite obvious that religion doesn’t play a significant role in the Obama presidency.

The only reason this poll garnered so much media attention is because it gave the leftist media another opportunity to portray the right as a bunch of stupid hicks, and it gave the right another opportunity to point out the favoritism Obama has shown toward Islam.  In the end, though, it’s all just a bunch of hot air.  Obama is just another liberal atheist.  He is god, and the Congress, the courts, and the bureaucrats are his angels as he sits in Washington D.C. (or wherever he happens to be vacationing this week) and dispenses his benevolent tyranny.


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