The Obama Implosion

It’s kind of fun watching the Democratic Party collapse in on itself as they continue to realize just how slim their chances are in next month’s elections.  They’ve gone into full-fledged panic mode, because all indications now show that they face monumental losses in the House, and if they manage to hold on to their majority in the Senate, it will be by the slimmest of margins.

But as the pressure on the Democrats increases, their campaign rhetoric becomes more and more dangerous.  While their recent attack on the Chamber of Commerce has absolutely no basis in fact, President Obama is sticking with it, offering more and more baseless speculation as to where the GOP’s campaign funding is coming from.

Now, you would think that if the GOP is doing something illegal in funding their campaigns, and the President knows about it, he would start an official investigation into the matter.  The fact that there is no investigation is telling: there is no wrongdoing, just more and more ambiguous accusations by the President of the United States.

This is just one more instance of President Obama making accusations against unnamed “special interests.”  Before, his only complaint was that “they talk about me like I’m a dog.”  But now that they’re truly threatening his ability to push his corrupt socialist agenda onto America, he is calling them “a threat to our democracy.”  Think about that: that’s quite an accusation for a sitting president to make with absolutely no evidence to back him up.

See the video on RealClearPolitics

As much as I would love to see the GOP run roughshod over the Donkey Party next month, if they’re taking illegal campaign contributions, it should be investigated and the perpetrators prosecuted.  If, on the other hand, President Obama, his administration and his party are just making up false accusations in the hopes of whipping up their base and maintaining power, then it becomes a question of whether President Obama should be impeached.  He is, after all, making a very serious accusation – he’s right on the edge of accusing the GOP of treason.  High crimes and misdemeanors?  Possibly.  It’s already come to light that the First Lady directly violated Illinois election law by campaigning at a polling place in Chicago, and Illinois elections officials and the Obama administration have made it abundantly clear that they plan to do absolutely nothing about it.

It seems that there are no depths to which the Democrats will not go in order to maintain power.  All citizens should definitely be vigilant come election day.


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