Self-Perpetuating Government

The FCC has just voted this morning on the so-called “net neutrality” issue, basically giving itself the power to regulate network management practices by internet service providers.

The headline in the Wall Street Journal says it all: “FCC Gives Government Power to Regulate Web Traffic”.  To put it another way, the government gives the government the power to regulate web traffic.

So what this means is that an unelected body in charge of a federal agency can vote to give itself power.  Without Congressional oversight.  Does anyone think this is a good thing?  Personally, I think it’s be a bad thing even with Congressional oversight

And this is a bad idea even without addressing the underlying issue of net neutrality, which pretty much amounts to yet another attempt by the government to regulate the internet – net neutrality is just the first step toward regulating internet content.  Enough progressives in Congress, and even FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski have hinted at eventual content regulation – there is also a growing movement on the Left to regulate cable television, primarily in an effort to do away with FOX News.

That is, after all, the eventual goal: government regulation over all forms of media where conservatives may gain a foothold.  There can’t really be any other conceivable agenda – after all, net neutrality is yet another government move to use a manufactured crisis in order to control the private sector.  The party line is that net neutrality is needed to prevent internet service providers from shorting the bandwidth on certain websites – so, for instance, with net neutrality, ISPs like Verizon or AT&T, who also provide phone service, couldn’t short bandwidth on Vonage users, and ISPs like Bright House or Comcast, who also provide cable TV, couldn’t short bandwidth on Netflix or Blockbuster’s online streaming services.  The problem is, no one has shown any real evidence that this kind of thing is going on in the first place.  It’s just yet another manufactured crisis the government is using to increase its own power.

Since they lost the elections in November, this is what the progressives are left to.  The Democratic Party only cares about democracy when it benefits them – when they will get some kind of power or control over the people out of it.  And when democracy doesn’t increase their power or control (net neutrality was turned down by Congress), they aren’t afraid to use less-than-honest means to get what they want.


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