Isn’t Homeland Security About Securing The Homeland?

This is rich: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is in Afghanistan this week to review DHS’s efforts in Afghanistan.  Among the things she will be reviewing: securing the Afghanistan border to prevent Al-Qaida terrorists from coming into that nation from Pakistan.

Now, I have absolutely no problem with DHS operating in Afghanistan – I subscribe to the philosophy that it’s better to keep the terrorists engaged over there than it is to have them coming over here – though with the recent rise in homegrown Islamic terrorism, it’s quite obvious that cannot be (and yes, I know it isn’t) our only strategy.

What I do take issue with, though, is the very same woman who refuses to secure the US border, saying it wouldn’t be possible, using DHS resources to secure the border in Afghanistan.  I get that securing the Afghanistan/Pakistan border is an important part of our efforts in the war there, but don’t they call it the Department of Homeland Security?

I am entirely open to the possibility that I’m just being over-critical here, but it seems to me that with DHS’s recent record domestically, they would do better to stay focused in on the homeland, and leave the foreign war to the US military.


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