We’re All Gonna Die Anyway…

Apparently, a new study coming out of UC Irvine indicates that the newest innovation in lighting, the LED lights, will kill us just as dead as the last newest innovation in lighting, the CFL.

Apparently, Light Emitting Diodes contain lead, arsenic, and several other toxins.  And don’t eat the red M&Ms, they’ll give you cancer.  Or is it the red LEDs?

So first, the ugly, over-bright compact fluorescent bulbs were going to save us all from global warming…until it came out that they contain dangerously high levels of mercury.  LEDs were meant to be the replacement for the CFLs, and now we find out that they’re going to kill us, too.

The next thing you know, we’ll find out that organic foods cause cancer, too.

This is just another in a trend of things we have been told will save us from some horrible danger, only to later find out that our savior will kill us just as dead.  Incandescent light bulbs are evil because they use more energy, but CFLs contain mercury, and LEDs will cause cancer.  Plastic bags were going to save us from deforestation caused from paper shopping bags, but the latest movement has been to outlaw plastic bags.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to, say, do a few tests before replacing wasteful things with toxic things?  After all, incandescent light bulbs may use more energy, but at least they don’t require a HAZMAT team for clean-up when one breaks.  Maybe if we shifted over to clean nuclear energy this wouldn’t be such an issue.


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