So This Is How Democracy Works…

It’s rather ironic how the Democrats, who were all in favor of the Egyptian people throwing out Hosni Mubarak in the name of democracy, have ended up consistently standing against democracy in the recent protests across the globe.

In Egypt, they said that solidarity with the protesters was support of democracy.  Well, the protesters succeeded in forcing Mubarak out, and now the military is in power, so it turned out to be a great victory for martial law, instead.  It was fairly obvious that the Egypt protests were going to end one of two ways: military rule, or an Islamic theocracy.  The theocratic dictators could still move in – that has yet to be seen – but the idea that Egypt would spontaneously break out in free elections as soon as Mubarak stepped down was extremely naive.

But perhaps the most disturbing trend in all of this is the Democratic party’s belief in mob rule as a tool of democracy – their screwed up version of democracy, anyway.

The interesting thing about the riots and protests in Egypt is that, through all of the chaos, no one was saying anything about what part of Egyptian law Mubarak had violated.  There is no doubt that he was a dictator, but it was the Egyptian constitution that gave him the ability to hold on to his position for thirty years…so it seems to me that the real problem wasn’t Hosni Mubarak, but the Egyptian constitution that made his regime legal.

But be that as it may, the Democrats aren’t content merely to endorse mob rule in the Middle East – now they’re doing it here at home.

It’s important to note that the same Democratic Party that is endorsing and aiding the union protests in Wisconsin and other states is the same party that, up until now, was so horribly afraid of anti government protesters, is now endorsing anti government protests.  But these protests aren’t just anti government, they’re anti democratic.  After all, Scott Walker was just elected governor of Wisconsin in November.  He ran on a platform of reducing wasteful spending and balancing the state budget.  Reducing the collective bargaining rights of the public employee unions is a huge part of that – pubic employee unions’ high wages and pensions are straining state budgets across America.

So the real situation in Wisconsin is that the duly elected governor is doing exactly what he was elected to do.  In response, the Democrats in the state senate fled the state to avoid voting on the bill, and union members protested in the streets.  Members of the teachers’ union even brought in students to the protest, and people have been brought in from other areas through the Democrats’ Organizing for America.

As I’ve said before, it’s time for the Democratic Party to change its name.  By standing up for the protesters, the Democratic Party leadership has signaled to the nation that they do not believe in our democratic process.  It isn’t about democracy.  It isn’t about freedom.  It’s all about their agenda, and if they have to use mob rule to get what they want, they’ll obviously do it.  President Obama and Nancy Pelosi have both made statements supporting the union protesters.  Teachers are taking sick days to go protest, meaning that Wisconsin citizens’ tax dollars are funding the protest, whether they like it or not, while the schools are closed because no one is there to teach the students.  They’re even handing out fake doctor’s notes at the protests.

Compensation for teachers is always a political hotbed – teachers work hard educating America’s children, and most teachers earn every penny they’re paid.  Teachers’ unions are another matter entirely.  US teachers’ unions are causing major problems for states across our nation.  They function largely as political organizations, spending millions of dollars every year on their issues and their candidates.

Public employee unions have had it pretty good – in many states, government workers are required to be union members in order to work for the state, which is guaranteed money for the union.  Public employee union members are typically paid higher than average wages – government employees across America tend to make more both in wages and benefits than private sector employees.  What Governor Walker is proposing in Wisconsin is that public employee unions not be allowed to bargain wage increases that exceed the rate of inflation – not an unreasonable request for a state facing a $137 million budget deficit.

We need to be very careful about the future of our nation.  Our President and the former Speaker of the House have publicly supported mob rule  and rejected the democratically elected leadership of Wisconsin.  They’re playing a very dangerous game, betting that their support of mob rule across the Middle East and even here at home won’t effect them – that they can play god, allowing chaos to rule across the globe, hoping that their irresponsible actions won’t come back to bite them.  But what they’re doing isn’t just dangerous for them, they’re putting our entire nation and the entire Western world in jeopardy.


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