More vitriol from the Left

Yet more news coming out of Wisconsin in the aftermath of the passage of the restriction on public employee unions’ collective bargaining:

First off, at least 18 Republican Senators in Wisconsin have reported receiving death threats.  So much for the Left’s new era of civility…

And it’s also being reported that Wisconsin’s public employee unions are now threatening Governor Walker’s campaign contributors with public ridicule and boycotts if they don’t publicly oppose Walker and the bill.

Here’s the big question: what makes these government workers so special that they deserve this level of special treatment?  Yeah, teachers, police, and firefighters have tough jobs…but that is why they get great salaries and benefits…yet every time these public employee unions don’t get each and every thing they demand, they start picketing and threatening to strike.

It isn’t like government workers are living in poverty – members of public employee unions receive better compensation than most private sector workers.  Their salaries may not be the highest around, but the benefits (health insurance, pensions, sick & vacation days, overtime, etc.) more than make up for any perceived deficiency in their paychecks…but don’t you dare ask them to pay a portion of those benefits, or they’ll protest and strike.


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