The Birth Certificate Is Here

As I’m sure you’ve already heard, President Obama’s birth certificate is now a matter of public record…and go figure, he really was born in Hawaii.

It’s no big surprise, really – the only reason the birther issue dragged out for as long as it did is because President Obama wanted to ridicule his political opponents with impunity, and the opportunity to lash out at the GOP with the birther label was just too good to pass up.

By the way, if you want to see the birth certificate, check it out here.

Personally, I hope this will put the entire birther issue to rest, though the Left is all atwitter with the possibility to ridicule the birthers even more now that the birth certificate is out there…but let’s face it: there is a very small, very vocal minority that won’t accept President Obama no matter what evidence is offered.  WorldNetDaily was a decent source for conservative news before the birther issue reared its ugly head…now they are the spokespeople for the birther movement, and already aren’t accepting the birth certificate as legitimate evidence of President Obama’s citizenship.

The whole thing is ridiculous, and has been since the beginning, but in the end it just goes to show that President Obama is better at political maneuvering than he is at actually governing.  He has maneuvered things beautifully – by withholding his birth certificate for this long, he has made the birthers hardcore believers.  He has used the issue in the past to smear GOP opposition by grouping them with the birthers, and now that he and his allies in the media have the base on the Left believing that the GOP is full of a bunch of birther wackos, they will use those birthers who don’t believe the birth certificate’s authenticity to further smear his opposition during the campaign season – particularly Donald Trump, who has (unfortunately) emerged as the most popular candidate in the Republican field.

The bottom line is, this whole thing is a distraction.  President Obama has been such a mediocre president in so many different ways, he needs the birther issue to distract from the multitude of reasons why he should not be allowed to serve another term.


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