Who Are The Real Job Creators?

Earlier this week, President Obama blasted the House of Representatives for passing a measure reaffirming “In God We Trust” as our national motto.  He has repeatedly called on Congressional Republicans to pass his jobs bill, despite the fact that the bill was DOA in the Democrat-controlled Senate, saying that they don’t have a plan for job creation.

Once again, our president is lying to us.

The Republicans have had a plan for job creation for longer than President Obama has had a jobs bill to campaign on.  John Boehner’s office just announced that the Republican-controlled Congress has passed over 20 bills to support job creation.  Meanwhile, President Obama is out campaigning in support of policies that failed to spur job creation just two short years ago.  According to Nancy Pelosi, without the Democrats saving the nation’s collective ass, the unemployment rate would be at 15 percent, but I can’t help remembering the Democrats and their media allies decrying the evils of 4 percent unemployment back when George W. Bush was president.  Kind of puts a little perspective on all of the praise the media is heaping on President Obama on a jobs report showing 9 percent unemployment.

President Obama is full of a lot of talk, but Congressional Republicans are doing something to try to fix the problems, while Obama takes the credit.


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