Failure Bad, Success Good

It seems simple to say, but economic failure will not help the future of the United States.  This is a principle that Occupy just doesn’t seem to understand.

They planned their “Occupy Black Friday” event, but with the economy in the state it’s in, it’s pretty much impossible to tell if Occupy had any effect at all on Black Friday shopping.  But from a big picture standpoint, one must ask just how clogging up and shutting down Wall Street will help America.

The astounding level of ignorance on display from Occupy and their supporters truly is mind-boggling.  As I have been staying in a hotel over the Thanksgiving holiday, visiting family down in LA, I have, of course, taken part in that ritual that we evil conservatives have come to know and love: watching Fox News.  This is how I heard that OWS plans to shut down all ports on the West Coast.  As they were having a Saturday morning panel discussion on the Occupy movement, one of the panelists asked the token OWS supporter how such a disruption of US commerce would help the hardworking Americans that OWS purports to care about.  Her answer: it will get people’s attention and start a conversation…because of course, damaging our economy and putting even more people out of work is a laudable goal, as long as we get people talking about a non-issue.

The simple fact that Occupy and the Democrat Party doesn’t get is that, despite their belief and protestation to the contrary, income inequality is not the greatest evil of our time.  Income inequality has always existed, in societies dominated by all manner of economic systems.  We could abolish capitalism tomorrow and turn America into a Communist dictatorship, and a decade from now, income inequality would still exist.

Income inequality is not what we need to worry about.  Income mobility is what is important, and that is what we should be focused on.  The greatest injustice is not that some people make more money than others – that is just the way life is, and instituting federal wealth redistribution will not change it. But one of the things that made America a great nation was the ability people had to use hard work and perseverance to change their lot in life.  America was and is the land of opportunity, and as long as we have the opportunity and ability to advance our standard of living, people will end up working toward the goal of making America a better place.  The very idea that destroying people’s lives and livelihoods is a laudable goal because it might start a conversation about some abstract idea is arrogance and ignorance of the highest order.

Too many people are struggling as it is, without a bunch of ignorant protesters gumming up the works and costing people their jobs. Maybe instead of disturbing the peace, breaking the law, and otherwise being a nuisance, the occupiers should start looking for ways they can start contributing to society, and maybe start a conversation about how the policies coming out of Washington are killing income mobility in America.


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