Slick Tricks In The White House

In a stunning turn of events, the government has run out of money and needs to raise the debt ceiling in order to pay the bills!

It’s almost like we didn’t just go through months of rigamarole over raising the debt ceiling a few months ago.

President Obama has announced that he will ask Congress by the end of the week for approval to raise the debt ceiling.  While, on the surface, it looks like this is just another failure of the government to reign in spending, there is more to it than that.

The previous debt ceiling agreement struck between President Obama and Congress stipulated that Congress would have a 15 day window to vote down the decrease – otherwise, it goes into effect automatically.

This is just more political theater by our president: the House is in recess until January 17, so unless Representatives come back into session early, they won’t even get an opportunity to vote on this debt ceiling increase.

President Obama has repeatedly stated that he wanted to go around Congress, now he is actually doing it.  This sets a dangerous precedent, and provides one more reason why we cannot allow Barack Obama to be re-elected.


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