Cain Endorses Newt

Herman Cain has endorsed Newt Gingrich for President.  I must say, I’m disappointed.

I had high hopes for Cain – he had some good ideas on the economy, and even though my support for his candidacy started to wane when I heard him repeatedly make some rather significant foreign policy faux pas.

Of course, you can’t really get past the irony of the candidate accused of womanizing and sexual harassment endorsing the candidate whose biggest character hangup involves his affair and subsequent divorce.

But despite questions about his candidacy and character, Cain campaigned as a conservative, one of the “official” Tea Party candidates, so seeing him endorse a RINO progressive like Newt Gingrich is quite frustrating.  Gingrich would be a better president than Barack Obama, to be sure, but there are other, more conservative candidates still in the race, who would be more in line with Tea Party leanings.


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