The President vs. The Constitution

The president has been having a rough couple of weeks, what with his Attorney General facing a contempt of Congress vote for obstructing a Congressional investigation, his defeat in the Supreme Court’s decision on Arizona’s SB 1070, and now he’s getting a bit testy over the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on Obamacare.

Things just haven’t been going the president’s way.

But, then, what do you expect from a president who appoints a man like Eric Holder to be Attorney General?  Holder is little more than a left-wing ideologue, which I guess makes him a perfect candidate for the Obama administration, but over the course of his tenure as Attorney General, Holder has shown himself to be less than competent.  He has consistently stood against voter ID laws – even after one conservative activist walked into Holder’s polling place and was offered Holder’s ballot.  Add to this the Fast and Furious scandal, which continues to develop, and wherein Holder has been caught lying to Congress and has continually obstructed the Congressional investigation, holding onto documents relating to the failed operation, which is why he is now facing a contempt of Congress vote -if the vote passes, it will be the first time in US history that an Attorney General has been held in contempt of Congress…and I’m sure it will make it very awkward for whichever Obama-appointed DOJ lawyer has to prosecute his boss.

But no worries – I’m sure everything will be kept on the up-and-up.</sarcasm>

But it gets even better for the president once you throw in the upcoming Supreme Court decision on Obamacare.  While predictions on the Supreme’s decision abound for both sides of the debate, the evidence from the oral arguments suggests to me that the Court will at the least strike down part of the law, most likely the coverage mandate.  Given that the mandate was the bill’s crowning achievement and primary funding mechanism, without the mandate, the rest of the bill just falls apart.  Of course, if SCOTUS upholds the law, the Democrats will have a big in-your-face block party celebrating their victory, right up until the law actually goes into effect and starts to destroy America’s health care system, at which point all of America will discover, in very concrete ways, the importance of the Court’s finding this unconstitutional law unconstitutional.

Truth be told, this is only one of many ways President Obama has come out in opposition to the Constitution he swore to protect.  He has continually campaigned against gridlock in Congress, yet when Congress fails to pass his agenda items, his administration finds ways around the legislature.  President Obama’s recent “policy shift” on immigration was a perfect example of this: the Dream Act didn’t pass through Congress, so the president decided he would make it a matter of policy anyway.  He used EPA regulations to do much the same thing when his Cap and Trade bill failed.  People are starting to see the dictatorial nature of this president, and his excuses aren’t working – after all, if the president is going to run on the “we need to take action” platform, he should at least take actions that are going to help our nation, not harm it.

It seems that President Obama’s optimism is beginning to wane – as time goes on, it becomes more and more obvious to people that President Obama just doesn’t have the answers.  After three and a half years, the shine is gone, and the American people are seeing the consequences of electing a novice to the highest office in the country.  The president is already setting up the Wisconsin defense in case he is defeated in November – since it’s becoming more and more challenging for him to raise money from a party that is losing its enthusiasm, he is now claiming that if he loses, it will be because he will be outspent by the GOP.  Of course, the “outspent” argument wasn’t true in Wisconsin – the labor unions spent millions, both in the form of campaign volunteers and materials, on the recall campaign, that would not have been reported in Tom Barrett’s campaign spending.  The same, I’m sure, will be true during the presidential campaign, as the labor unions will know that their only chance is to back Obama.

Bottom line: things are looking down for President Obama, which means things are looking up for America.


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