Smearing Mitt

It’s a bit appalling watching the media continue to play favorites in this election cycle.  President Obama has been given some huge passes by the media – when he speaks his mind and foreshadows the terrifying future that a second term would bring to our nation, they are characterized as “gaffes.”  Any conservative criticism of the president’s comments is characterized as “out of context.”  In the case of the president’s “you didn’t build that” commentary, Obama’s “truth team” and their media allies even tried to convince people that he didn’t say exactly what he had said.  Meanwhile, any perceived misstatement by Mitt Romney is automatically classified as a “gaffe,” and amplified tenfold by a media intent on propping up President Obama’s flagging popularity.

With Mitt Romney’s trip to Europe and Israel, the media has maintained laser-like focus on what it considers to be Mitt Romney’s “gaffes” overseas.  It all started with his commentary about the London Olympics, which some in England took exception to…but all Romney had done was give an honest answer to a question that was asked of him.  And truth be told, there were some legitimate concerns in the lead-up to the opening ceremonies, primarily revolving around security for the games.  All Romney did was put voice to several issues that the media had reported on in the days leading up to his comments.

Then came Governor Romney’s comments in Israel.  Romney is pro-Israel, which presents problems for the Left from the get-go.  While his commentary on Israel/Palestine didn’t take all factors into consideration, it is undeniable that there are significant economic and cultural divides between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and by even being willing to look at and address those issues, Mitt Romney has gone a lot further than President Obama, whose only actions during his term in office have been to snub our long-standing ally Israel and push for a return to the pre-1967 borders.  In fact, that speech was one of Obama’s biggest gaffes, as he called for contiguous Israeli and Palestinian nations, then called for a return to borders that would leave Israel and Palestine divided.  What’s more, when White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked what the White House considers to be the capital of Israel, all Carney would say is “our position has not changed.”  And not only did he refuse to answer the question, but he then went on to accuse the questioner of already knowing the answer, as if it was some kind of set-up.

The White House later issued a statement that they recognize Tel-Aviv as the capital of Israel…which, considering that the seat of Israel’s government is in Jerusalem, the Obama administration’s position makes about as much sense as it would for the British Prime Minister to announce that they consider New York to be the capital of the United States.
Then throw in the incident in Poland, where one of Romney’s staff told off members of the press corps for disrespectfully throwing out questions about Romney’s “gaffes” as he was leaving a solemn gathering at a war memorial in Warsaw.  As Romney was leaving the memorial, reporters were shouting questions about his supposed gaffes and whether he had a statement for the Palestinians.  His aide was urging reporters to “show some respect,” yet the pro-Obama media of course ignored their own insensitivity and ran with headlines such as “Romney aide looses cool, curses at press in Poland.”

It has become increasingly clear that the “mainstream” media is just another arm of the Obama campaign, finding every possible opportunity to slam Mitt Romney while they protect President Obama, whose campaign continues to hammer Romney with provably false accusations about his time at Bain Capital.

And while the Obama campaign and their media allies continue to accuse Romney of outsourcing jobs during his time at Bain Capital, no one in the media is mentioning the money that continues to go to the Middle East and the jobs that aren’t being created in the United States because the Obama Administration refuses to green-light the Keystone XL pipeline or approve more drilling permits for offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico…or how the Obama administration is supporting drilling in the Gulf…by Brazil and China.  They hammer Romney over the fact that he won’t release more tax returns, yet they ignore the fact that President Obama has never released his college transcripts, or any of a variety of other documents related to his past…and it has been revealed, largely through the late Andrew Breitbart’s “Vet the Prez” efforts, that much of President Obama’s documented history is made up.

The “mainstream” media is silent on the fact that President Obama, just a few days ago, made the ridiculous statement that his economic plan has worked – despite the fact that unemployment is still at unacceptably high levels and our economy is not recovering…despite the fact that his stimulus package failed to stem unemployment, his green energy “investments” have gone belly-up, and our prospects for recovery look increasingly bleak.  The president’s only defense for the continued failure of his economic policies is to continue to point fingers at President Bush, but it’s a simple fact that if President Obama had any idea how to fix our economy, we should have seen significant improvement by now.  In reality, though, President Obama has no clue how to fix our economy.  If he is elected to a second term, he will just continue to enact the same class warfare nonsense that he has pushed for during his first term, and the US will continue to languish in our recession.

Even with the media coming out strongly for President Obama, and even despite their continued smearing of Mitt Romney, Governor Romney is clearly the better choice in this presidential election.  With the liberal media machine against him, Mitt Romney has an uphill battle ahead of him, but the choice is clear: a second Obama term would be a disaster for America.  Our only hope to get out of our economic situation is smaller government, and the only way to improve our standing in the world is to get rid of the politically-correct foreign policy President Obama has saddled our nation with during his disaster of a presidency.


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