Double Standard for Murder

I think just about everybody knows by now that the media has a double-standard…but now we’re finding out that all of liberalism has a double-standard.

There have been numerous cases over the past several years of the Left jumping to conclusions, blaming conservatives when some mentally disturbed individual committed a heinous crime.  I think it began with the Oklahoma City bombing, when President Clinton recklessly and baselessly blamed Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk radio for Timothy McVeigh’s actions.  When a crazed individual shot up Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’s rally, the Left jumped all over Sarah Palin and conservatives, calling for “civil discourse” – something they were never worried about before, and haven’t been concerned with since.  When a car bomb was parked in Times Square, it was initially blamed on conservatives who were upset with Obamacare.

In each of these cases, however, it turned out to be either a deranged individual, or, in the case of the Times Square bombing, an Islamofascist terrorist.  But even though the Left gave in to their knee-jerk reaction in blaming the Tea Party or conservative talk radio, there have been no apologies issued, no retractions.  They just change the story, bury the lead, and move on to the next deceptive headline.

But recently, we have seen a spate of left-wing terrorism that the media has largely ignored.  While they jump all over conservatives every chance they get, they go radio silent when it comes to actual cases of left-wing violence.

It wasn’t that long ago – just a matter of months – that a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested on charges of domestic terrorism.  They were caught conspiring to blow up several bridges in the state of Ohio.  The mainstream media has thus far been strangely silent on that story.

Then just a couple of days ago, a gunman opened fire in the Washington, DC offices of the Family Research Council.  That organization had come into some controversy in conjunction with the Chick-fil-A protests, as they are an anti-gay marriage organization that is supported by the Cathy family and Chick-fil-A.  The gunman had a backpack full of Chick-fil-A sandwiches and a handgun.  He walked into the building and opened fire, injuring a security guard, who then in turn shot him.

But the same media that has been all over the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting and the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, automatically going back to the same false premise that conservatives are violent and hateful, ignored the FRC shooting, only reporting on it when it became too big to ignore…and even then, they kept the man’s status as an LGBT activist hush-hush.

This is the media’s own form of divisiveness, and it needs to stop.  No one in America should be able to get away with smearing their political opponents for the most heinous of crimes, then ignoring the story when someone they agree with politically is the culprit.  To call it journalistic malpractice is overly generous.  It is cowardice of the highest order.


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