Time For A Shake-Up

Our economy is in tatters.  ImageMitt Romney and the GOP have laid out quite a compelling case for why President Obama is not suited for another term in office, and the president was already getting defensive on the economy, defending his failed policies in the face of increasingly bad economic news, and repeatedly resorting to trashing Romney on irrelevancies like his tax returns or when he may or may not have left Bain Capital.

But one argument put forward by the Left is that President Obama has more foreign policy experience than Mitt Romney.  Republicans have had a bit of a hard time combating this, until now.

With the recent attacks on our embassies throughout the Middle East, President Obama has shown extreme weakness in the face of a mounting international crisis.  He has consistently waffled in his condemnation of these attacks on US sovereignty, and instead of condemning the attacks in clear terms, chooses also to condemn the video that these terrorists are using to justify their attacks.  This is a huge mistake, as it gives the attackers an air of legitimacy, providing Presidential validation for their unwarranted violent behavior.  And while the president has condemned statements made by staff at the Egyptian embassy, his own remarks have largely mirrored those made by the embassy.

President Obama gave a rather weak, scripted address, with Secretary of State Clinton standing awkwardly at his side, scowling, and after delivering his short remarks, both the President and the Secretary of State retreated back into the White House, ignoring the a deluge of pressing, relevant questions, such as “was this an act of war,” which the attack on an embassy and the assassination of an ambassador typically would be.

Then the president, instead of showing a strong response to this international crisis, traveled to Las Vegas for a campaign stop.  While in Vegas, the president made some remarks calling into question our diplomatic relationship with Egypt, which he has since had to back down from.
Meanwhile, Mitt Romney issued remarks early on condemning the Obama administration for the remarks made by the Egyptian embassy precisely because they, as an arm of the Obama administration, legitimized these unwarranted acts of violence.  Since then, the mainstream media has been in cover-up mode, trying to turn Romney’s comments into some sort of faux pas.  Romney has refused to back down from his initial comments, and with good reason: the press is willingly trying to clean up president Obama’s mess, as candidate Romney has, from the start of this crisis, come out looking and acting much more presidential than the president.  Romney even took questions from the press after delivering his remarks the day after the attacks, unlike the president…and despite a coordinated effort by the press to try and trip Romney up, he came through showing leadership and tact.

And there is a larger issue here when it comes to the foreign policy of whichever man wins the November election.  When the people of Iran rose up in 2009 to protest their nation’s heavy-handed theocratic regime, President Obama made a few token statements condemning the Iranian government, but did nothing substantive, basically just standing by and watching as the pro-freedom movement was violently crushed by the hard-line Islamic government.

Then came the Arab Spring, where radical Islamists rose up against dictatorial regimes.  The Obama administration and the leftist media were very vocal in their support for this movement, even lending military aid, in the case of the Libya uprising.  And their support continued, in spite of the fact that, as more time went on and we learned more about these protesters, it became clearer and clearer that the people taking power across the Middle East were not our friends.

The Arab Spring was President Obama’s greatest foreign policy failure, and now, just a few short months later, it has come back to bite us.  Even if President Obama does have more foreign policy experience than Mitt Romney, President Obama’s foreign policy experience includes bowing to foreign leaders, insulting our allies, capitulating to unfriendly regimes, and supporting theocratic uprisings throughout the Middle East.  Obama’s foreign policy has been a Jimmy Carter-esque failure to the extreme.  When it comes to the next four years, America cannot afford this type of international leadership.


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