Is Sandy Obama’s Katrina?

As distasteful as it is to see a disaster like Hurricane Sandy politicized, now is the time to start asking questions about the response to this disaster. It has only been a few days since President Obama said “We leave no one behind,” a comment that was in extremely poor taste, given the continuing controversy surrounding those Americans who were left behind in Benghazi just a month and a half ago. But like Benghazi, as information continues to come out about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it becomes more and more clear that people are being left behind in New York and New Jersey. In New York City, at a time when millions are still without power, Mayor Bloomberg was planning to hold the New York Marathon. Massive industrial generators were set up in Central Park to power the media tents. Citizens that had been staying in hotels because they couldn’t yet return to their homes were asked to leave so that marathon runners and organizers could use the rooms. Bloomberg finally cancelled the marathon under intense public pressure. Disturbing stories have continued to come out of the region: New Yorkers left with no choice but to defacate in the hallways of their apartment buildings, because the plumbing still doesn’t work…utility workers in New Jersey had to request police protection when people started pelting them with eggs as they worked to get power restored…utility workers who drove up to New Jersey from Alabama to help restore power to the millions who are still without electricity were turned away because they were non-union. Meanwhile, President Obama has left them all behind, as he flies from swing-state to swing-state. Just like he did after Benghazi, the president has placed his campaign ahead of his pledge to ensure the safety those Americans who are still in need.


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