Too Close To Call

I think I’m gonna have an ulcer by the time we know the winner of this election…it’s head-to-head, still too close to call either way, but not looking too good for Mitt Romney.

I had to get away from the talking heads for a little while, and thought I would take this opportunity to write down my thoughts.

If Romney manages to pull it out, it will be by quite a narrow margin, but it will be well worth it.  Romney will face similar challenges to what President Obama has had to put up with during his term: the Senate will still be under Democratic control, though Republicans will likely gain some seats in the House.

As of right now, though, it looks like Obama has it.

If Obama wins tonight, the gloves will come off.  For all of his partisan extremism, Obama has held back over the past 4 years.  If Obama stays in the White House, he will only kick it up a notch.  He will continue to subvert Congress.  He will give us more of the same bad policies he’s given us for the last four years.

His foreign policy will get even more extreme – as he told President Medvedev, he will have more flexibility, now that he doesn’t have to worry about re-election anymore.

I don’t think four more years of Obama will bring the end of America, but it will bring four hard years.  The economy will continue to stagnate, improving only slightly over time as hardworking businessmen and women struggle to succeed in spite of an overbearing bureaucracy.


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