Fiscal Cliff Diving

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Here is an excerpt:


Here we are again, waiting around for the buffoons in Washington to come to yet another agreement that will calm the media down until the next time tax cuts are set to expire. I think I’m looking forward to the media calming down about this so-called “fiscal cliff” more than I am to see Congress and President Obama actually reach a deal.

All we are seeing right now is another manufactured crisis that the Democrats, those great bastions of government waste and fiscal irresponsibility, have foisted upon our nation with the express goal of using their media allies to smear the GOP and further the perception that Congressional Republicans are a bunch of uncompromising right-wing extremists.

This time, Republicans have no one to blame but themselves – to end the last manufactured crisis, the GOP agreed to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for the formation of a bi-partisan “super committee” that was charged with cutting $1.2 trillion. The big mistake the Republicans made was to bank on that super committee actually doing any cutting – it doesn’t help to have a bipartisan budget cutting committee when only one party has any interest in actually making cuts. And for that matter, a bipartisan budget cutting committee is absolutely useless when the other party has refused to even pass a budget in three years – something the Democrat-controlled Senate still has not done to this day.


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