The Communication Cliff

My latest column, “The Communication Cliff,” has posted on

Here is an excerpt:


Republicans should be less worried about the Fiscal Cliff than about their own Communication Cliff. It seems that the GOP leadership has been gripped by a great communicative ineptitude, and until they escape from its grasp, they will continue to languish in political poverty, taking blame for fake crisis after fake crisis manufactured by the Democrats for the express purpose of placing blame for our nation’s continuing economic woes at the feet of the Republican Party.

Our nation’s leaders have been focused on this Fiscal Cliff for weeks now, and it is just now, after the damage has been done, that House Speaker John Boehner is finally presenting a strong message condemning President Obama’s playing politics with this issue. There has been so much potential in this “crisis” for Republicans to get out in front of the issues and turn circumstances to their favor, yet each opportunity has been a missed opportunity.

Democrats have been extremely successful in controlling the narrative throughout their multitude of manufactured crises – every time our nation nears the debt limit or tax rates get close to expiration, it ends up becoming an opportunity for the DNC to label the “do-nothing Congress” as a bunch of right-wing extremists. Nancy Pelosi has labeled Congressional Republicans “hostage takers” for what I believe is the third or fourth time now, and the message coming from the White House is that it is Republicans’ refusal to raise tax rates on the rich that is holding up the negotiations.

The truth, however, tells an entirely different story.


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