A Useless Conversation

My latest column is up on ANDMagazine.com.

Here is an excerpt:

Whether it is the Fiscal Cliff or a response to an unspeakable tragedy, leftist “conversations” always seem to reach the same conclusion: Do What I Say! But in light of recent events, perhaps it is time to change the conversation.

Last week’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School shocked our entire nation. From the time that I heard the news Friday morning, it was difficult to focus on anything other than my horror at what had happened and my overwhelming desire to rush home and hold on to my daughters.

But as tends to happen nowadays, the shock had to wear off quick, as politics quickly interjected itself into a horrifying situation. Within a matter of hours after the tragic shooting, pundits and activists were demanding more gun control. “Now is the time,” they say, “to have the conversation about ending gun violence in America.”

But there is one simple problem: more gun laws will not solve the problem.

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