Preventing Tragedy Outside The Box

My latest column is up on Right Wing News.


Here is an excerpt:


As I watched the tragedy unfold in the news on Friday, I couldn’t help but think of my two daughters. The news was horrifying: a man had walked into a kindergarten class at a Connecticut elementary school, and opened fire. This monster had taken the lives of twenty children and several adults.

Disgustingly, the political reaction was almost immediate, with talking heads, pundits, politicians, and bloggers getting into the gun control debate almost immediately – even before they had finished counting the dead, the NRA, Fox News, and the Republican Party were being blamed for an unspeakable tragedy – just like when a crazed, mentally-unstable wacko shot up Gabrielle Giffords’ town hall meeting, the Left dug up some obscure page on Sarah Palin’s website and used it to blame her – despite a complete lack of evidence.

It was just a few days before the tragedy at Sandy Hook school that I wrote an article titled “Why Gun Bans are Dumb.” Despite the knee-jerk reaction of liberals across America, I still believe that to be true. Even if the US government were to ban guns altogether, that would not fix anything. This is proven by the example set by our cousins across the pond. England has had a gun ban in place for some time. After they banned guns, England saw a rise in violent crimes, as criminals became more brazen. Now, they are considering banning large kitchen knives, even as they are seeing a rise in gun crimes. The typical leftist counter-argument anytime someone points out the fact that areas within the United States with the most restrictive gun laws happen to be the areas with the worst gun violence is that criminals are able to bring guns from areas with less restrictive gun laws. This would not be true in the British Isles, yet they gun crimes are on the rise in that nation regardless.


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