The Benghazi Flu

My latest column is up on AND Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:


It seems that, come hell or high water, there is nothing that will stop the Obama administration from doing everything they can to continue their cover-up of the events that took place in Benghazi and resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including Christopher Stevens, our ambassador to Libya. Speculation as to what actually took place is really all that much of the general public knows, as the Administration is being more than characteristically tight-lipped about the events.


Oddly enough, some of the best information about what may have actually been going on in Benghazi is coming from Canada Free Press, where you can find even more speculation, but at least there you can find some well-founded speculation with a bit of evidence backing it up.


It is truly sad that, almost four months after a U.S. Ambassador was assassinated, the American public still has no idea as to what actually happened.


Continue reading HERE.


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